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While timeshares are often sold as the perfect travel tool, they obviously do not meet the satisfactory levels of the other 15% of timeshare owners. However, when it meets with consumers' expectations, a timeshare ownership has the potential of reaching a much higher satisfaction rate among its users.


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We believe that timeshare resales offer consumers and savvy travelers a great opportunity to learn more about the various vacation ownerships available on the market and to understand how timeshares work. If you are in the market to buy a timeshare, we suggest a few articles that will get you started with references and general information about timeshares. We can certainly help you choose the right timeshare ownership to suit your vacation lifestyle and budget. We believe that, as a well-informed consumer, once you know the mechanics of timeshares you will feel at ease to make the right selection when buying a timeshare. The decisional factor to buy a timeshare is to first determine if the concept of timeshare is for you by trying to match the right timeshare program with your vacation lifestyle you are trying to accomplish for yourself and your family.

Have fun exploring our website, browse featured timeshares for sale, timeshare rentals as well as our archived articles or subscribe to our online periodical to keep receiving information about timeshare reviews, RCI points, exchange systems and timeshare promotions.

While the concept of timeshares has been around for over 40 years, it still remains misunderstood and commonly mistaken by the general population. Therefore the price it resells at has often little to do with a successful sale. The pertinence with which its usage matches the consumers needs will most likely achieve success in passing on its benefits to the next owner.

Before the online market, people interested in buying timeshares had only a few options, other than attending a timeshare presentation, to obtain information and be at a liberty to choose from a wider range of quality products. With the convenience of the online market, wide range of information is not only readily available but still can be overwhelming for the potential interested buyers.

I have had Rci timeshares for over 40 years. I have 2 units. I pay 1600.00 a year for dues. Exchange fees of around 280.00. Every resort I go to any more includes nothing but a room that anyone in the general public can rent without paying the high maintenance fees. I am about to stay at Massanutten VA. Big draws, skiing, snowboarding, tubing all cost extra. Great indoor water park, cost extra, kids want to go Every day. A small fortune. Not even a discount for RCI members.

My husband and I have been RCI platinum members since 2022. I am finding out that everything we were told was untrue. When we signed up for this we were told we could take vacations for $199, $249 etc for a week and not have to pay anything else all over the world. Those prices were all we would pay. Very far from the truth. I asked specific questions to the person helping sell the timeshares. I am now realizing everything were lies. We have already paid a lot of money to this company and got nothing in return.

Join the over 3.7 million RCI members and start planning your new adventure today. Call us at 887-884-9577 to learn how to buy RCI-affiliated timeshares or browse our timeshare listings.

The first option to cancel your RCI timeshare worth exploring is selling your timeshare. However, this option is only available for paid-off timeshares. The first step is figuring out how marketable your timeshare is.

Additionally, it is a fact that there are more timeshares listed than prospective timeshare buyers. Often, timeshare supply exceeds demand, which is why many timeshare listings are set for $1 on sites like eBay. Another consideration is the amount of time it may take to sell the timeshare and that you must continue paying the maintenance fees while your timeshare is listed.

Remember, most people today avoid timeshares because of the bad reputation they have within our society. The word timeshare is synonymous with scams, and most travelers today would instead use Airbnb or book a hotel at market prices rather than be tied to a monthly or annual maintenance fee that always tends to go up.

Most recently, Florida amended their timeshare laws to make it harder for timeshare owners to transfer their timeshares consequence-free. Florida Statute XL, Chapter 721, Section 17, Paragraph 1.e is the most concerning piece of the legislation and states:

Again, trying to work things out with your timeshare company will be akin to negotiating the cessation of nuclear proliferation with Kim Jong Un. The sole purpose of timeshare companies is to make money by selling timeshare - not accepting timeshares back into their portfolio, which ultimately hurt profits. Another primary consideration before attempting to go this route is that if you are unsuccessful in your negotiations, it will be nearly impossible for any other entity to assist you in canceling your timeshare.

We believe that we are the best timeshare exit company for anyone who wants to cancel their RCI timeshares. Connect with our team today and learn why most people agree Cancel Timeshare is the best option to cancel RCI timeshares.

Usually, timeshares sold on the aftermarket are successfully done so with the assistance of a Transfer Company or Resale Company. We recommend Allied Transfers because they are reasonably priced and provide an excellent service.

The best way to cancel your RCI membership is to get rid of your timeshare completely. Please talk with us about your RCI timeshare contract. We are here to listen and advise you on your best options. Client focus is our number one priority. Not to mention, we have successfully helped thousands of timeshare owners get rid of their timeshares. Check out our A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website and then give us a call or text.

I am a long term timeshare person, who just recently got a my dog. I think it would be a great idea that the timeshares acknowledge that pets are like our children. I understand that they may bark however, many resorts are spaced out. I think if the resorts designated areas that had dogs in them it would benefit everyone. They could charge a pet fee as well as have a containment of the rooms, decreasing cleaning fees. As much as I love timeshares, I love my dog more. After 20 years, I am opting to get a hotel room.

My parents have a couple RCI timeshares and often offer me and DH weeks to use for vacation each year. We have gone to Cabo (Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach) and St. Maarten (Divi Little Bay) with the timeshares before and both were really nice resorts. If by entertainment you mean night life, neither hotels had much of that, but you can easily find that outside of the hotel and there are tons of activities to do during the day. Cabo had great pools (nice beach but not swimmable) and St. Maarten had a gorgeous beach (and a decent pool). We would definitely consider going back to St Maarten in the future. We enjoyed a lot that the island had to offer in terms of activities and food.

The timeshares can work out as a really great way to lesson the expense of the trip since the accommodations are taken care of. You only need to worry about your transportation, and activities and food. We have never done an all inclusive with the timeshare.

we vacation in timeshares often and find in general it saves money. most of them have kitchens so we hit up the local supermarket and liquor store and avoid having to buy every meal and drink. this way we can splurge on nice restaurants and attractions.

Rescission laws in most states allow new timeshare owners to return their timeshares to Vacation Village and receive a full refund. Given that this is a matter of state law, Vacation Village is required to accede to your request to cancel your timeshare purchase and must do so without hesitation. The catch is that you can only revoke your timeshare purchase for one to three weeks after you've made it. You'll need to consider other options if you've already passed this window.

The last step is to list it for sale. However, there is usually a challenge to selling these properties as they are mortgages. Unfortunately, hundreds of timeshares get listed for proceeds of as little as one dollar. That is because owners desperately want out of their agreement, but hardly anyone is interested in making an offer. Most owners are happy enough to give their timeshare away if it rids them of recurring maintenance fees.

Well this is the great question, however if you are already an owner this decision is made for you as your Timeshare Resort would already be affiliated with RCI points, or RCI weeks thus making you a participant in one or the another automatically. Frequently owners discover their resort is converting from RCI weeks to RCI points, and in most every case there is a sales pitch to all owners urging them to convert their weeks over (always for a hefty fee). We have an advice article specifically about this subject here: Read: Should I convert my Timeshare week to pointsIn most cases, the fee charged (in the thousands of dollars) is not worth the conversion especially when you can currently buy additional weeks at existing RCI points timeshares for pennies on the dollar in the resale market if you truly want to go into the RCI points system (and subsequently give away your existing deeded week). That of course is a decision you should make separately, but never believe it when a resort says you "HAVE TO CONVERT" as that is just part of the sales tactic.

Timeshare developers who utilize the RCI points system are able to sell their timeshares as points rather than fixed or floating weeks. So instead of giving their customers a specific week in a specific unit, developers can simply sell their customers points to redeem at their home resort or elsewhere. 041b061a72

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