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Buy Harmonium for Sale, Buy Harmonium Online. Harmonium is a keyboard instrument and is similar to a Reed Organ. It was invented in England around 1840 and then it gained popularity. Harmonium is also known as Peti or Baja. Harmonium is actually a bi-cultural instrument as the keyboard is European but drone reeds come from India. In Europe both foot-pumped and hand-pumped models are available but in India, only the hand-pumped model is used. Hence in India, the term harmonium refers to a hand-pumped instrument. These are mainly used for religious purposes (bhajans or kirtans).

buy a harmonium

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Design : Generally scale changer harmonium has a very light weight keyboard that results in popping up of keys which many artists find irritating. But Swaranuja has worked on this glitch and has come up with a solution by creating keyboard whose keys stay at there own place and don't pop up.

Sound : Usually all the scale changer harmoniums require a lot of air for sound production which causes very fast movement of blower. Swarānujā has uncovered and manufactured the blower in such a way that has the capacity to hold lot of air and reduce the movement of blower in playing.

The Electronic Harmonium I'm a keyboardist and the worse part of being a keyboardist is that you have to move around in the city with a huge coffin-like keyboard case. People stare at you as if you are an extinct creature in the zoo or something. A few days ago, I was going to my friend's place in Banani with my keyboard in a CNG. On my way, I was stopped at the police check post at the Tejgaon link road where the policeman asked what was in the case. "A keyboard", I replied. The official looked very confused for a moment and inquired further, "What is a keyboard?" It was then that I couldn't stop myself from rolling my eyes and pondered for a moment as to how to explain the object I was carrying with me, when it suddenly hit me. "It's an electronic harmonium!" I quipped, proud within for my quick innovative reply. Hearing this, however, the police official got really excited and wanted to see what this 'electronic harmonium' looked like. So he made me get the huge case out of the CNG, open it and finally had a look at the instrument with awestruck eyes. I bet he had thought I had been carrying a bazooka or state of art weapon inside the case in the beginning though! 041b061a72

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