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Upside Down 2012 720p BluRay DTS X264-SilverTorrentHD.mkv

Upside Down 2012: A Review of the Romantic Science Fantasy Film

Upside Down is a 2012 English-language Franco-Canadian romantic science fantasy film written and directed by Juan Diego Solanas and starring Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst and Timothy Spall. The film is set in a unique world where two planets with opposite gravities exist in close proximity, but are separated by strict laws that forbid any contact between them. The film follows the story of Adam and Eden, two lovers who met as children but were separated by a tragic accident. Ten years later, Adam discovers that Eden is still alive and works at the Trans-world company, the only official connection between the two worlds. He decides to infiltrate the company and find a way to reunite with his lost love, despite the dangers and obstacles that await him.

The Plot

The film begins with Adam narrating the history and rules of his two-planet home world. He explains that there are three immutable laws of gravity for this system: all matter is only pulled by the gravity of the world that it comes from, an object's weight can be offset using matter from the opposite world (inverse matter), and after a few hours of contact, matter in contact with inverse matter burns. He also reveals that the two societies are segregated by law, with the upper world (Up Top) being rich and prosperous, and the lower world (Down Below) being poor and exploited. Up Top buys cheap oil from Down Below and sells electricity back at higher prices. Contact between people from different worlds is strictly forbidden, punishable by incarceration or death.


Adam lives in an orphanage in Down Below, with his only living relative being his great-aunt Becky, who he visits every week. She has a secret recipe for flying pancakes that uses pollen from pink bees, which gather pollen from both worlds. The recipe has been passed down through generations and will be inherited by Adam. As a child, Adam secretly climbs a mountain that reaches very close to Up Top, where he meets Eden, a girl from the other world. They develop a friendship and later a romance, meeting on the mountain and using a rope to pull each other closer. One day, they are discovered by border guards, who shoot at them. Adam releases Eden back to her world, but not before getting shot in the arm and dropping her. He sees her lying motionless on the ground with blood coming out of her head. He assumes she is dead and returns home, where he finds out that his aunt Becky has been arrested and her house burned down.

Ten years later, Adam is working as an inventor, developing an anti-gravity product that allows matter to respond to both gravitational fields at once. He calls it a cosmetic product for face-lifts, but his real motive is to find Eden again. He sees her on TV one day, working as a spokesperson for Trans-world, the company that controls the connection between the two worlds. He realizes she is alive, but has lost her memory due to the head injury. He decides to apply for a job at Trans-world and use his anti-gravity product to sneak into Up Top and find Eden.

He succeeds in getting hired by Trans-world and meets Bob Boruchowitz, an employee from Up Top who works in Down Below. Bob becomes his friend and mentor, helping him navigate the complex rules and regulations of Trans-world. Adam also meets Eden again, but she does not recognize him. He tries to jog her memory by giving her a pink bee as a gift, but she rejects it. He learns that she has a boyfriend named Lagavullan, who works as an executive at Trans-world.

Adam does not give up on his quest to win Eden back. He devises a plan to use his anti-gravity product to create an office space that can flip between Up Top and Down Below. He invites Eden to his office and reveals his identity to her. She is shocked and confused at first, but gradually begins to remember their past relationship. They rekindle their romance and plan to escape together.

However, their secret is exposed by Lagavullan, who becomes suspicious of Adam's activities and reports him to Mr. Hunt, the head of security at Trans-world. Mr. Hunt orders a raid on Adam's office and captures him. He interrogates him and tortures him with inverse matter, causing him severe burns. He also reveals that he was the one who shot Adam and Eden ten years ago.

Meanwhile, Eden manages to escape and contacts Bob, who agrees to help her rescue Adam. They use Bob's car, which has a device that can switch its gravity, to break into Trans-world and free Adam. They also steal Mr. Hunt's files, which contain evidence of Trans-world's corruption and exploitation of Down Below. They flee to the mountain where they first met and use the rope to pull each other closer. They kiss and exchange their inverse matter, causing them to burn. However, instead of dying, they create a powerful explosion that destroys the border between the two worlds, creating a new world where both gravities coexist. Adam and Eden survive the blast and wake up in the new world, holding hands.

The Review

Upside Down is a visually stunning and imaginative film that explores the themes of love, destiny, and social inequality. The film creates a unique and fascinating world where two planets with opposite gravities exist in close proximity, but are separated by strict laws that forbid any contact between them. The film uses this premise to tell a romantic story of two lovers who defy the odds and the system to be together.

The film's strongest aspect is its visual effects, which create a stunning contrast between the two worlds and their different perspectives. The film uses a variety of techniques to show the dual gravity system, such as rotating cameras, split screens, inverted images, and mirror effects. The film also creates a rich and detailed production design for each world, showing their different cultures, lifestyles, and environments. The film's cinematography is also impressive, using vibrant colors and lighting to enhance the mood and atmosphere of each scene.

The film's weakest aspect is its plot, which suffers from some logical inconsistencies and narrative flaws. The film does not explain how the two planets came to be or how they maintain their balance and orbit. The film also does not explore the implications of the dual gravity system on the physics, biology, and ecology of each world. The film's rules of gravity are also not consistent or clear, as some objects seem to be affected by both gravities while others are not. The film's climax is also implausible and convenient, as Adam and Eden somehow manage to create a new world by burning themselves with inverse matter.

The film's characters are also not very well-developed or complex. Adam and Eden are portrayed as star-crossed lovers who are willing to risk everything for their love, but their motivations and personalities are not very deep or nuanced. They are mostly defined by their love for each other, rather than their individual traits or goals. The film's supporting characters are also not very memorable or interesting, serving mostly as plot devices or stereotypes. Bob is the friendly sidekick who helps Adam with his plan, Lagavullan is the jealous and greedy rival who tries to stop him, and Mr. Hunt is the ruthless and sadistic villain who wants to kill him.

Upside Down is a film that has a lot of potential and ambition, but fails to deliver on its promise. The film is a feast for the eyes, but not for the mind or the heart. The film is worth watching for its visual effects and production design, but not for its plot or characters.

The Rating

Upside Down 2012 720p BluRay DTS X264-SilverTorrentHD.mkv is a high-quality video file that offers a clear and crisp image and sound quality for the film. The file size is 4.37 GB, which is reasonable for a 1080-minute film with high-definition resolution and audio quality. The file format is MKV, which is compatible with most media players and devices.

The rating for Upside Down 2012 720p BluRay DTS X264-SilverTorrentHD.mkv is 3 out of 5 stars. The file quality is excellent, but the film quality is mediocre.

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