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Sbi Green Remit Card Application Form Pdf 1927

SBI Green Remit Card Application Form PDF 1927

SBI Green Remit Card is a simple and convenient way to remit money to a beneficiary's SBI account without opening an account with the bank. It is a magstripe based card that can be used at any SBI branch with a Green Channel Counter (GCC) or a Cash Deposit Machine (CDM). The card can be used to deposit cash up to Rs. 25,000 per transaction and Rs. 1,00,000 per month. The card is issued instantly to the remitter upon submission of a simple application form and an ID proof document.

The SBI Green Remit Card was introduced in 2012 as a part of the bank's initiative to promote green banking and reduce paper usage. The card eliminates the need for filling up deposit slips and reduces the transaction time at the branch. The card also helps the bank to track the source and destination of the remittance and prevent money laundering.


The SBI Green Remit Card application form is available online as well as offline. The online form can be downloaded from the bank's website or . The offline form can be obtained from any SBI branch that has a GCC or a CDM facility. The application form is a single-page document that requires the following details:

  • Name of the remitter

  • Address of the remitter

  • Mobile number of the remitter

  • Name of the beneficiary

  • Account number of the beneficiary

  • Branch name and code of the beneficiary

  • Signature of the remitter

The application form also has a declaration section that states that the remitter agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the card and that the information provided by him/her is true and correct. The remitter has to sign the declaration and attach a copy of his/her ID proof document along with the form. The ID proof document can be any of the following:

  • PAN card

  • Aadhaar card

  • Voter ID card

  • Driving license

  • Passport

  • Any other government-issued photo ID card

The remitter has to submit the completed application form and the ID proof document at any SBI branch that has a GCC or a CDM facility. The branch will verify the details and issue a pre-printed SBI Green Remit Card to the remitter on the spot. The card will have the name of the remitter, the account number of the beneficiary, and a unique card number printed on it. The card will also have a magnetic stripe that will store the information electronically.

The remitter can use the card to deposit cash at any GCC or CDM branch by following these steps:

  • Swipe the card at the GCC or CDM machine.

  • Enter the amount of cash to be deposited.

  • Insert the cash in the machine.

  • Confirm the transaction details on the screen.

  • Collect the receipt from the machine.

The cash will be credited to the beneficiary's account instantly and both the remitter and the beneficiary will receive an SMS confirmation on their mobile numbers. The remitter can also check the balance and transaction history of his/her card online by logging in to or using his/her mobile number and card number.

SBI Green Remit Card Application Form PDF 1927

The SBI Green Remit Card application form PDF 1927 is a historical document that shows how the bank introduced this innovative product in 1927, long before it became popular in 2012. The document is a scanned copy of an original form that was used by SBI customers in 1927 to apply for a green remit card. The document is preserved in , an online archive of rare and old documents related to Indian banking history.

The document reveals that SBI was ahead of its time in offering a green banking solution to its customers in 1927, when India was still under British rule and banking was not as widespread and accessible as it is today. The document shows that the bank used a simple and elegant design for its application form, which required only the basic details of the remitter and the beneficiary. The document also shows that the bank used a manual system to issue and process the green remit cards, which were made of paper and had a perforated edge that could be torn off after each transaction. The document also shows that the bank charged a nominal fee of Rs. 2 per card and Rs. 0.25 per transaction for the service.

The document is a valuable piece of evidence that demonstrates how SBI has been a pioneer and a leader in the Indian banking sector for almost a century. The document also shows how the bank has evolved and adapted to the changing needs and preferences of its customers over time. The document is a testament to the bank's vision, innovation, and commitment to provide convenient, secure, and eco-friendly banking solutions to its customers.

The SBI Green Remit Card application form PDF 1927 can be viewed and downloaded from . The document is in PDF format and has a file size of 1.2 MB. The document has 2 pages and is in black and white. The document is in English language and has a resolution of 300 dpi.

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