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Buy Wedding Sparklers

Most couples choose sparklers for wedding exit lines or memorable photos, but the ceremony can be a great place to use them as well. If you hand them out to your guests before the ceremony, you can have a pretty cool effect at a designated time. You may want your guests to light their sparklers for weddings during your vows or sand ceremony for an added dramatic effect.

buy wedding sparklers

No matter your preference, knowing your planned usage will aid you in your purchase decision. Certain circumstances demand a long lasting light, while in other situations, shorter sparklers will serve you just fine. Research your options, and settle on a size that will best serve your needs.

We think anyone would agree that a sparkler exit makes for a perfect ending to your wedding celebration. But it makes for even more magical wedding photos! Just take a look at these amazing sparkler exits:

Looking for the best wedding sparklers to light up your reception? Check out these recommended sparkler shops below and score some savvy discounts on the highest quality sparklers you can find for the big day!

We handcraft our Wedding Sparklers with a steel wire core to ensure the least amount of smoke & ash for your event. While specifically using a double-dip process to ensure all of our sparklers burn steady with the brightest glow!

Grand Wedding Exit was created to offer brides the most affordable Wedding Sparklers on the market! We offer virtually smokeless and ash-less sparklers to create the perfect Wedding Exit. We strive to offer the highest quality sparklers online while keeping the wedding budget intact!

Our standard is clear, we want to make sure our brides have the best wedding sparklers on the market. We have a team that makes sure your sparklers are on time and are tailored to your wedding night!

It wasn't until my wedding that I realized how difficult it was to find true wedding sparklers. If it wasn't for my persistence and help of countless wedding planners I may have not had the perfect ending to my wedding night. After my wedding was over and I was looking at the stunning wedding sparkler photo's, I thought it was such a shame its not easily accessible for brides to find. After flying and meeting with countless distributors and companies across North America; and with the help of some excellent wedding planners, I was able to offer brides and wedding planners true wedding sparklers. At Grand Wedding Exit we stand behind our sparklers. I knew how important it was at my wedding, and fully promise to assist every bride until the final wedding sparkler is out!

Wedding Sparklers! These sparklers are perfect for passing out at your wedding or reception! Each sparkler features wire-core construction, an easy-light tip, burns almost smokeless with a gold color for about two minutes, and is 20 inches long. Each pack contains 72 sparklers. Our wedding sparklers come in attractive, wedding-themed packaging that is exclusive to our company, and cannot be purchased elsewhere. We meticulously designed every detail to ensure that your sparklers arrive safely and look great. They're the perfect wedding day sparklers!

Superior Celebrations is a division of Superior Fireworks that specializes in products like sparklers, confetti, and sky lanterns that create special moments at weddings, parties, and other special events. Essentially, our expertise is in being the highlight of the party; we sell the products that everyone will talk about long after the event is over! Many items, including our 20-Inch Wedding Sparklers, Heart Sparklers, and Confetti Cannons, are designed and manufactured exclusively for us to ensure we sell only the highest quality products.

All of our wedding day sparklers are made of steel wire core, burn super bright and will ensure a very small amount of smoke. Our sparklers will allow your photographer to get clear and amazing photos of your sparkling wedding sendoff.

We also offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders, so the more wedding sparklers you buy, the more you save! We do everything we can to get each order delivered on time. Most orders placed before 2pm central time will ship out the same day. We are a family owned business located in the Dallas, Texas area.

Following this post! I am thinking about adding a sparkler send off to my wedding but I am not sure where to get that many sparklers. Also, another question I thought about, is it hard to make sure everyone's sparkler is lit at the same time? Maybe the longer sparklers are better for weddings for the longer burn time.

I have been curious about this too because on here I have seen people post that you specifically need "wedding sparklers" because the other ones are too short and smoke up too much. I am now nervous I am going to buy the wrong ones or someone will call theirs "wedding" ones but in fact are would be curious to know what is the criteria.

I am going to do a sparkler send off, and I got mine from They had great prices and after reading up some on the sizes, I opted for the 20" (roughly 2 min. burn). They say the bigger your group, the longer you may want to get your sparklers--it will take a little bit of time for them to all be lit at the same time. I would also suggest having several lighters or matches on hand. I will have roughly 70 guests, and I got enough for everyone to roughly have 2 for just in case. You never know people will act at the end of the night and after having a little alcohol in their system, lol. I also tested one, and it lasted as long as stated, and there was very little smoke.

Wedding Sparklers For your Ceremony - When the couple exit the chapel, wedding sparklers make an exciting, attractive alternative to confetti and glitter being thrown into the air. Create a dramatic effect that looks alive and vibrant and makes for a tremendously brilliant photo, with less mess left lying around.

Wedding Sparklers For the Reception - The reception is where your first party as an officially married couple begins. There are so many benefits and options for using colourful wedding sparklers at the reception, They liven things up and create a sparkling light show that catches your guests attention and keeps them entertained.

Over the years, our customers have come to love our high-quality wedding sparklers. They come in three sizes, which makes them perfect for any setting, day or night, whether traditional, informal, or offbeat. They provide the perfect sparklers for wedding send-off & sparklers for wedding reception of newlyweds, graduates, parents-to-be, and others.

Our 20-inch wedding sparklers burn for up to two minutes and produce very little smoke. They are an elegant silver color when unlit, and they have the same color as candle flames when lit. They come 32 to a pack. They are ideal for smaller events with fewer guests or in smaller spaces. While our 36-inch sparklers are quite impressive, at a yard long they require more space than our smaller sparklers. Our 20-inch sparklers allow your guests to show their support closer together.

This one-stop resource for all grooms- and brides-to-be offers information about the various sizes, colors, and shapes of wedding sparklers that we offer, as well as packaging options. We also provide tips on how you can incorporate our wedding sparklers into your wedding send-off, photoshoots, videos, and even the ceremony itself. Our sparklers can help you make a grand entrance or exit.

Some of the most popular wedding activities that make use of wedding sparklers are wedding send-offs and picture-perfect photo shoots. These are far from the only ways wedding sparklers can brighten the festivities, though.

Wedding send-offs, where the guests say goodbye to the happy couple as they leave to start their new life together, is a wedding tradition that dates back centuries. Guests used to throw grains of rice up in the air as the couple got in a limousine, car, or horse-drawn carriage.

The wedding send-off is one of the most popular uses for wedding day sparklers. Guests may wave sparklers at the couple from a safe distance as they leave the wedding, or they may hold them up in a beautiful light display.

Wedding sparklers can be used to add a touch of magic to your wedding photos. The bride, groom, bridal party, family, and friends can use our sparklers to create vivid scenes for your photographer to capture. Check out our wedding sparkler photo gallery to see some examples.

Yes! Please do. We love photos of sparklers so much we started a Sparklers Online photo contest to showcase different photographers and celebrate your beautifully captured moment. The contest runs every two weeks with a new winner chosen and notified by email on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Sparklers are a popular option for wedding exist for good reasons: they are fun and look great in photos!Photo by Whit PhotographyAre Wedding Sparklers Allowed?The first thing you need to do is make sure that YOUR wedding venue allows wedding sparklers.

What types of sparklers should you buy? What wedding sparklers look best in photos?You will want to look for metal sparklers since these eliminate many of the issues with traditional bamboo sparklers that burn quickly and with more smoke. Metal sparklers do not produce any smoke and will look great in your photos.

You may be wondering, what size sparklers should you buy for your wedding?The most popular on many websites where you can buy sparklers is 36 inches. These long sparklers have a long burn time of around 4 minutes so you have enough time to light all the sparklers from the beginning to end, do your exit, and get the special photo too.

If you have a smaller wedding party you may also consider 20 inch sparklers. These sparklers have a quicker burn time of just over 2 minutes so it works best with smaller parties with a quick lighting process. These shorter sparklers are also much cheaper so they offer a great deal for brides on a budget. 041b061a72

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