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Buy Second Hand Mattress !!BETTER!!

With online platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, it's never been easier to buy furniture secondhand, including mattresses of all types and sizes. While buying a used mattress may not sound appealing to some, others see it as a great opportunity to save.

buy second hand mattress


Buying a used mattress certainly has risks, but you shouldn't count it out altogether. In this guide, we'll go over the potential hazards and how to mitigate these risks. We'll also provide practical shopping tips and walk you through how to sanitize a used mattress before bringing it into your home.

U.S. states have their own laws regarding used mattress sales to keep people safe. Mattress laws also cover proper sanitation, labeling, tagging, and mattress filling. Be sure to review your state's mattress laws before you start browsing your options on platforms like Facebook Marketplace or put your own used mattress up for sale. You should know that:

If you live in a state that permits buying and selling used mattresses, it's up to you to decide. Only you know your circumstances, but these common advantages and disadvantages of buying used tend to sway people's decisions.

Cutting costs is typically the driving factor for buying a used mattress. According to Business Insider, a new, budget-friendly foam mattress can cost up to $450. Meanwhile, budget-friendly innerspring, hybrid, and latex mattresses typically cost up to $600, $1,100, and $1,200, respectively.

Mattresses, especially older models made with harsh chemicals, are infamous contributors to overcrowded landfills. While many safe, biodegradable mattresses are now on the market, they tend to have higher price tags. By buying a secondhand mattress, you can do your part to reduce landfill overcrowding without going over budget.

Buying anything used comes with sanitation risks. People spend roughly one-third of their lives in bed and don't always keep up with mattress cleaning and maintenance. In turn, they often hold sweat, mold, bacteria, dead skin cells, countless other allergens, and unsightly stains.

A used mattress (or other furniture with fabric components) can also carry bed bugs, scabies, dust mites, and other critters. Bed bug and scabies infestations are particularly dangerous and difficult to manage. We'll discuss how to check a mattress for bed bugs later in this guide.

Even the toughest mattresses eventually show signs of age, and many people get rid of their beds for that very reason. Cheaply-made mattresses and those that use viscoelastic polyurethane foam (memory foam) wear out even sooner, often sagging within a few years of purchase.

New mattress purchases typically include an at-home sleep trial, easy returns, and a warranty if you buy from a reputable seller. With a used mattress, you won't have the luxury of trying the bed overnight or any form of customer service.

If selling used mattresses is legal in your state, you likely have more purchasing options than you think. Policies and availability differ by region, but you can use this list of potential places to buy a used bed to guide your search. Just remember to check your state laws first, as you don't want to participate in an illegal sale unwittingly.

First and foremost, determine which mattress size fits your space and needs. You'll naturally have fewer options when it comes to mattress construction and features, but hopefully, you'll have some choice over the mattress material type and firmness level.

Never load a used mattress into your vehicle or bring one inside your home without checking for signs of bed bug infestation first. You can read the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's complete guide here, but these are the basic steps:

First, check the bed for visible sagging, rips, punctures, indentation, and soaked-in stains. While typical wear and tear may not ruin the integrity of the mattress, larger damage or numerous defects can jeopardize the mattress's support system.

Otherwise, you can still get a general sense of a mattress's condition by pushing down on the surface with your hands, checking both sides and the mattress edge. Does the mattress resist your weight? If not, it may not provide ample spinal support. Does the surface respond to adding or removing pressure? If not, it may not cushion pressure points or contour to your curves.

The fair price for a used mattress depends on its type, age, and condition. Sleep Foundation recommends sellers post a used mattress for about 20 to 30 percent of the retail price. You can expect to start around that rate, but depending on the seller, you may be able to negotiate down to a lower price.

A high-quality mattress protector will keep out allergens while defending against rips, spills, and sweat stains. Plus, using a protector limits contact with the actual mattress. Nolah currently offers two waterproof options, our Bamboo Mattress Protector and Organic Cotton Mattress Protector.

Buying a new mattress isn't always a viable option, but fortunately, purchasing one secondhand can save money and give a used bed a second life. While there are still risks, browsing carefully and taking the precautions explained in this guide will increase your odds of finding a used mattress that you love. Once your mattress is all cleaned and set up, you may even forget that it's not brand new.

Our top tip: Buy new, not second-hand. If you're really on a tight budget and cannot afford a new mattress, make sure the one you buy comes from a reputable outlet that properly cleans and disinfects mattresses before selling them on. You could also shop clearance mattresses which are cheaper alternatives.

The recommended lifespan of a mattress from new is around eight years. If you buy a second-hand mattress, you don't know how old it is or how much life it has left in it. You may pay less initially, but you'll be buying a replacement mattress much sooner.

Not only does dust attract dust mites, but it can also trigger an allergic reaction. If you have asthma or a respiratory condition or suffer from skin problems such as eczema, the dirt in a used mattress can cause real problems.

If you have any issues with your second-hand mattress, the chances are that the warranty has already run out. If the stitching comes undone or the coils fail, you won't be able to get your money back or like-for-like exchange.

When you buy a new or clearance mattress, the supplier will typically deliver it to you for free. They'll also offer you a mattress disposal or recycle service at a low cost. If you buy second-hand, you'll probably need to pick the mattress up yourself. If it's a king-size mattress, that could be a problem if you use public transport!

Alternatively, look for big reductions on mattresses during Boxing Day, New Year, Easter or Black Friday sales. And remember that if you buy from MattressNextDay, you'll also benefit from free delivery to UK mainland addresses.

Like any other item in your home, a mattress needs looking after. Regular cleaning will help it stay looking great for longer. It will also ensure that you eliminate any dust mites that could trigger an allergic reaction.

Your vacuum cleaner has everything you need to give your mattress a good clean regularly. Use the soft attachments or a hand-held unit to give your mattress a quick clean every time you change your bedding.

Stains and spills should be tackled straight away. There are plenty of products on the market that will remove stains from your mattress. If a mattress has become badly stained, it may be time to either call in a professional cleaner or buy a new mattress.

Turning frequently will help prolong the life of your mattress. It allows lumps and dips to even out. Not all mattresses need to be flipped. Single-sided mattresses simply need to be rotated from head to toe every few months.

If you are unable to sell your mattress, or the process seems like too much of a hassle, a good alternative is to donate your mattress. Local charities like Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, and various religious organizations may accept used mattresses in good condition. Homeless shelters are another potential option.

To test a mattress's firmness, press your hand into the center and around the edges of your mattress. When you remove it, note how quickly it regains its shape. A firm and resilient mattress will snap back quickly.

These pesky creatures are the number one thing causing allergic reactions, irritated skin and infection, heavy breathing, and asthma. Mites are impossible to spot when purchasing, and second-hand retailers can easily cover up the bed bug stains and smell. Moreover, infecting the house with bed bugs could bring you additional fumigation costs!

While many Australian mattress companies, such as Koala, Eva, and Ecosa give their returned mattresses away to charities, others re-sell them for an attractive price, as rejuvenated or refurbished mattresses.

The Simba company sells mattresses that have been returned within their 200-night trial period. The Simba Refurbished Mattresses are hybrid mattresses combining coil springs and foam. They are sterilized and professionally refurbished by the Simba company and come with a very generous 30-day free return policy and an additional one-year warranty.

Tiny red dots on the mattress could be a sign of bed bugs. Also, recent stains (moisty ones) sized no more than a little dot or a circle, and yellow-pale coloured small stains, are a sign of bed bug presence, too.

Considering the health risks as well as hygienic risks, and the fact there are more cons than pros to the whole idea of second-hand mattress shopping, buying a second-hand mattress might be a bad idea, both for your comfort and your health.

Previously, a study by Tappin et al. had found an association between use of a second hand mattress and an increased risk of SIDS, particularly if the mattress was from another home. Unfortunately this paper did not provide details of the condition of the mattresses used in the study (i.e. if the surface was torn, dirty, no longer firm, or fit the cot base snugly, which may be important if it was from another home and not meant for the cot used.) This study also did not indicate the quality of the cot or indicate if there were bumpers or other objects in the cot.3 041b061a72

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