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MUGEN (800 Characters; 400 Stages) Tournament Hack

Often these types of characters/weapons are banned from tournaments or other areas where they may prove unfair. If they are allowed, or there is a great number of such characters, then they may be included in their own tier all to themselves. If tourney rules are flexible, then there may even be alternate rules allowing for tournaments consisting only of said "overpowered" characters. See also Master of All, for a character who is good at everything.

MUGEN (800 Characters; 400 Stages) Tournament Hack

The Atari ST version could almost be considered a remake. It looks way more high end, but replaces the original aesthetics with a more cartoonish look. Not only do the characters have extraordinarily pronounced ears and noses, they also have a few different goofy reactions depending on what part of the body they're hit. All previously existing graphics are redrawn, some backgrounds are merged together to make way for a couple new ones, amounting to a total 10 stages. Some have even added spectators, like the royal guard in London or topless dancers in Hawaii. 350c69d7ab

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