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"This is a very exciting day for GEICO," said Tony Nicely, GEICO chairman, president and CEO. "We are truly pleased to say that effective immediately New Jersey drivers can buy insurance on GEICO'S Web site, Visionary leadership by the Governor and the Commissioner made this day possible. New Jersey has found ways to balance consumer protections with a competitive marketplace."

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GEICO is the second-largest private passenger auto insurer in the United States providing auto insurance coverage for over 17 million policyholders. Members could save up to 8% on auto insurance.Visit to get your free auto or homeowners quote today.Existing GEICO customers may also be eligible for this discount. If you are an existing GEICO policyholder, call (800) 368-2734 to speak with a GEICO representative and ask if you qualify for a member discount through Sigma Phi EpsilonPlease note, the discount is not available in Michigan, Mississippi and Tennessee. 041b061a72

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