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New Horizons 2 Teachers Book 30

New Horizons 2 Teachers Book 30

New Horizons is a four-level upper secondary course that sets achievable goals and builds confidence for students who are preparing for the B1 school-leaving exam. The course includes 100% new content and updated exam training to engage teenagers' interest and provide essential vocabulary and practical grammar exercises . The Teacher's Book for level 2 contains detailed teaching notes, answer keys, audio scripts, and additional activities and tests. It also provides access to the Vocational Language Bank, which offers industry-specific terminology and audio for levels 1 and 2.

The Teacher's Book for level 2 covers 30 units, each with a clear structure and a moderate pace to suit classes with lower weekly contact hours or mixed-ability classes. The units are organized into six modules, each with a review section to recycle and revise the language as the course progresses. The units also include dual entry points, which allow students to work towards the B1 exam at their own pace. The Teacher's Book also provides updated and systematic exam training in levels 3 and 4 to prepare students for the different requirements of their school-leaving exams.


The Teacher's Book for level 2 also offers a variety of supplementary materials to download and use in the classroom. These include the Teacher's Books for all four levels, audio scripts, DVD worksheets and scripts, exam skills answer keys, CLIL worksheets, wordlists, and more. The Teacher's Book also gives access to the New Horizons Student's Site, which offers interactive exercises, games, and downloadable audio for the Vocational Language Bank. The Teacher's Book is an invaluable resource for teachers who want to help their students achieve their goals and build their confidence in communication.


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